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Frequently Asked Questions and Product Information:

Do you offer custom design?

Baby Bella Linens boutique is offered for customers who wish to purchase our linens but do not have a BBL Retailer with in 30 miles of their home. If you are pleased with our style and unprecedented quality, but wish to design a look more unique to your baby's nursery please contact our design studio so that we can further assist you in creating your personal vision.

Do you offer juvenile linens?

Yes, Baby Bella Linens offers custom designed juvenile linens. Our design team would be happy to customize the perfect bedding collection for your child incorporating BBL's finest fabrics and unmatched quality. Please contact our studio so that we may assist you in designing linens the perfect wonderland for your child.

How do I request fabric swatches?

Swatches may be requested for any of our linen collections. Please contact us at 412.344.2356 or email our studio.

Do your bumper pads fit all cribs?

Baby Bella Linens Bumper Pads are designed to fit any JPMA approved standardized crib on the market. Listed below are bumper pad measurements. If the crib you have selected for your nursery does not meet these standardized measurements we would be happy to custom fit the linens to your crib. Additionally, many cribs have larger corner and center posts; therefore, requiring longer ties. Please contact our studio to further discuss customizing your baby's linens.

Baby Bella Linens Bumper Pad Measurements

Bumper set consists of 4 pieces, 11 " in height
2 pieces @ 26" in length
2 pieces @ 51" in length
Bumper ties are 4" wide and 12" long

How long are your crib skirts?

All of our crib skirts have a 17" drop, with the exception of an overlay, and are fully lined to provide the highest quality. If you elect to change any of these options, please contact our studio so that we may customize a crib skirt especially for you.

Will your bassinet bedding fit any Bassinet?

No, we currently design our bassinet bedding to fit the Badger Basket Jumbo White Wicker Bassinet. The bassinette may be purchased directly from Baby Bella Linens.

Do you offer window treatments?

Yes, we currently offer tab draperies. Please contact our design studio to further discuss sizing etc.
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